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You can redirect your Life & Business (If you can be bothered)

Lately, my well-established coaching business has started taking on a new direction. As a result, I'm choosing to work (getting paid to do cool stuff with lovely people) more than I have in three years. And I have little to no anxiety, a beautiful home, and a loving partner.

My side business has taken a massive hit since Covid. We lost 3/4 of the members, but now it has a beautiful new venue, and the members are really bonding.

I haven't spent a penny on advertising; I haven't done any offers or giveaways, and I haven't even popped a post online to attract new clients.

So why the redirection?

The truth is I had been forming a path for something bigger all along, and I just didn't realise it. I knew I would love something positively challenging; I was already working on creating programs. But I hadn't thought of coaching teams again.

Last week I laughed at the proof of myself as I had the honour of coaching a local team, I loved it, and I'm all set for more.

When I stopped to ponder the sudden evolution, I realised that most of my NEW WORK came from my NETWORK. It wasn't sudden at all; I had been planting and nurturing new seeds for a decade in Nelson.

Ok, this may make you yawn and want to stop reading, and I get it.

It's a fact when I trace the dots, during the last three months, all but one client came from women I had met through my NETWORK GROUP over the last six and a half years.


My point is building relationships with new people and staying connected offered me new doorways to new business and new ways of living.

Believe it or not, I'm uncomfortable meeting new people and prefer to stay at home squeezed between the pugs, but that keeps me small, forgettable, and uninspired. I feel like I'm missing out and here for more than that. If only I could magic up the good stuff in life and business from the soft velvet couch, candles, and pots of coffee.

I started a networking group in 2016 because the better part of my lazy ass wants to thrive, mix, and mingle, learn from others, and do cool stuff.

I always fantasized about living in New York and going to an Art Gallery opening, sipping on a cool glass of bubbles wearing actual shoes. (Not flip-flops or trainers)

I laugh at the proof of myself now doing that in Nelson, which is now my New York!

So, here's my advice, take it or leave it, but don't look back at your life wishing you had put yourself out there and onto the stage to star in your own life.

  1. Show up; how can you be seen if you don't leave your house or office?

  2. Even if you feel intimidated, remember EVERYONE has self-doubt at times.

  3. You can choose to learn a lot of gold from other people.

  4. Check out other group members online. Making connections can become more manageable after a first meeting and then from your couch.

  5. Follow up with anyone you are keen to get to know, a text, email, or coffee date.

  6. Sit, or stand with different people at every event, especially if they have a different lifestyle or business.

  7. Ask someone else in the group to introduce you to someone you would love to connect with.

  8. Take advantage of workshops, and online conversations, speak up, support, and create something yourself.

  9. Ask for feedback on your product, ideas, and shoes (now that you are going out again)

  10. Contribute to the group. You may struggle to get to your meetings in person; connect on the Facebook private group page. Be a leader of a conversation, ask for help, or reach out for advice. Create a helpful guide, blog, or tip.

  11. Be genuine, be honest; that's what makes a lasting connection, and that's one of the cornerstones of a happy life and business.

  12. Never underestimate yourself, your story, and your power to share to inspire.

  13. Everyone has a story; get to know other people's stories.

  14. Consistent connection: forms a strong net and creates a broader family. It builds trust.

  15. Ask others in your group how you can help.

  16. Ask others in your group for help.

  17. Remember, in a women's specific network, we connect with other women to support and advance. We are not there to compete with other women.

When we support other women, we all advance together.

Click here for more thoughts about why women's networks are vital for a happier business and life.

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas, so please email me, and we can connect more deeply.

Love Caron

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1 Comment

I love No. 12. The number of times I've caught myself internally saying "why would anyone be interested in what I have to say..." & that putting me off doing anything... 😍

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