Plant Shadow




  • Change Your Life

    Evolve or Repeat it's Your Choice
    • For kick ass results where we will dive deep
    • Learn what you want and how to get it
    • 10 x 60 min sessions online face to face or by phone
    • Can be done remotely mixing online exercises and phone
    • Discover and overcome your self doubts
    • Become more empowered than you dare to imagine
    • Create your own set of life changing practices
    • Learn how to coach yourself
  • The Ultimate

    Live Your Best Life

    Every month
    Are ready to transform your life?
    Valid for 5 months
    • 20 hrs.' of one-to-one coaching
    • 10 x 2 hr. intensive sessions over 5 months
    • Learn how to live your best life on purpose
    • Face to Face or online/phone sessions
    • Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual transformation
    • Complementry Journal
    • Complementary Inspiration Cards
    • Tea/coffee and almonds
    • Get to know your deepest desires and dreams
    • Dare to take action for your best life
    • Lean how to become a super attractor
    • Build your life your way
    • Learn how to feel abundant in every way
    • Heal your past
    • Create new love
    • Feel like you can do anything
  • Feel Sexy

    It’s time to give yourself permission to feel sexy & sensual
    Valid for 3 months
    • Ladies Only
    • Feeling sexy is central to living your life at your fullest
    • Become confident, no matter how old, what body type
    • Feel sensual, single or in a relationship
    • Tap into your deepest desires
    • Learn to adore your gorgeous body
    • Discover your blocks to feeling super sexy
    • Safe, confidential, relaxed and fun coaching sessions
    • Over the phone, in person, or FaceTime
    • 8 x 60-minute sessions
  • 1hr casual

    You can enjoy a life transnational journey from anywhere!
    • Complementary client check-in
    • You can work from anywhere in the world.
    • Feel supported, and guided with ease.
    • 60 minutes of one to one coaching
    • No fixed amount of sessions
  • Your Life Check In

    Get clarity with your own SELF COACHING
    • Purchase Your Life Check In & assess where you think you are
    • No matter how happy we are, we have areas we want to change
    • Use this tool today to start owning your life
    • Get ready to do a little self care
    • A brilliant tool for anyone to use to take a snap shot
    • For self coaching
    • Use regularly
    • Easy to work by yourself
  • Spark Happiness Now

    You can learn genius little hacks to spark your own happiness
    • You have the power to feel happiness in any moment
    • Learn how you can choose happiness
    • Self-coaching guide for you to access anytime
    • Easy steps to your joy
    • Happiness is easier than you think
  • Feel Confident

    How to feel Confident as Your Highest Self
    • Learn How to Guide Yourself to Your Highest Self
    • Transform your low moods
    • Connect with your life flow
    • Experience warm insights
    • Access your inner guide