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Hey, real me, there you are!

Realising that you settled for a life that wasn't true to yourself.

It's easy to fall into the trap of doing what's expected of us, but what about what we truly want?

Make sure to make the most of it before life passes you by.

Did you know that our ability to control our emotions isn't something we're born with but a skill we pick up over time?

In Western society, we're taught which emotions are acceptable, which shape our reality, form our personalities, and often suppress our true selves.

Have you ever felt like your caregivers meant well but just didn't get it? It's a common experience. Some rebelled against their authority, while others lost themselves trying to fit in.

Regardless of our response, the outcome can be stifling—burying our authentic selves and emotions. Striking a balance between managing and expressing our feelings is tough, often leading to unintentional self-erasure.

Our personal reality became our personality.

As humans, we pick up on which emotions are acceptable to display publicly and which are better concealed. It's a learned behaviour as we become aware of the emotions that society deems appropriate to express openly and those that should be kept hidden.

This messy, distorted process often takes us away from our true selves. In our society, where we frequently feel like we don't fit in or are expected to be perfect, it's crucial to discover our true selves.

Striving for authenticity can make a significant difference in our lives, especially when we consider the growing mental health crisis we're facing.

I'm on a journey of self-discovery. I'm shedding the layers of who I was taught to be and who I thought I should be. Instead, I'm embracing my true self.

This process involves deep, and sometimes uncomfortable, but always revealing self-reflection and mindfulness, which I've been practising for five years.

As a result, I have become more aware of my learned reactions and the actual choices available to me.

I prioritise what's right for me and am becoming unmasked.

It's not always easy to say no to other's expectations, to stop some of the learned habits that block me, to let go of so many pain stories and limiting beliefs. But I'm enjoying the new luxury of self-freedom. I'm waking up. I no longer take medication, I rarely drink alcohol, and I allow all emotions; I welcome them. I ask them in!

Here's where you can start to get to know the true you.

Self-awareness is the first step.

Ask yourself:

  • Am I content with the direction in which I'm heading?

  • Do I do things because I truly want to, or because it will please others?

  • Am I living a lie in any way?

  • Do I avoid dealing with something important to me, my family, or my partner?

To unlock your true potential, you must understand your emotional landscape. This journey will pave the way for healthier regulation and authentic interactions. Ultimately a sense of personal freedom, and self love.

Are you ready to take an incredible journey that can improve your life? I'm here to guide you every step of the way. Let's team up and make your dreams a reality. Contact me today, and let's get started!

Here's my email :

Love, love Caron xx

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