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herSTORY  Transformational Talks

Indulge in an evening of delight and enlightenment at The Suter Theatre in Nelson. Prepare to be captivated by four remarkable women as they graciously share invaluable insights from their life journeys. Experience the enriching tales and empowering wisdom without the hassle of extravagant expenses or distant travels. Join us for HERstory and embark on a transformative adventure right here in Nelson.


HERstory is proudly created and hosted by Nelson Life Coach Caron Proctor, a testament to our vibrant local community. All profits will be donated to a local charity, directly impacting our neighbours and friends.

Grab your friends and family, come along, and enjoy this beautiful event.


This event ALWAYS sells out, so why not get your ticket early?

Everyone is welcome.


Hear from 

Georgia Rose

Kelley Oliver





Charity TBC




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