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Plant Shadow

A little bit about Me


For my professional life

I excitedly attend seminars, lectures, and conferences to keep updated with the latest trends in psychology, and coaching research. I’m a learning junkie.

I’m a weekly speaker/waffler on The Breeze Radio show, and I produce and speak at HERstory Talk Show.

I’ve published articles for magazines and my own online courses.

I actively raise funds for local charities, and I’m the founder of Hera, Nelson Women’s Collective. This is where I find my own support, and inspiration to get out of my yoga pants, and go out!

I’m kinda addicted to all things to do with living an authentic, and loving life. And coffee, crisps, candles, cushions, all the C’s are part of my day!


In private, I’m a proud Mum of two mega sons, partner to the lovely Craig, and pug Momma to Alfie, and Eddie.

I’m a Yorkshire girl who fell in love with NZ on my first trip back in 1985.

My biggest struggle has been with PTSD, and social anxiety, which hit an all-time high after my 25-year-old marriage ended sharply in 2019.

My biggest growth is learning how to live with uncertainty, and knowing the universe has my back if I can just remember that! I work on myself every day, and I mean that.

I don’t coach because I became a coach, I always was a leader, questioner, and a bit weird!

I started studying coaching way back in 1997, and I still just can’t get enough of it!

I’ve worked with all kinds of people, from all over the world, inline, and face to face.

My one-to-one practice is in Stoke, Nelson, and you must be ok with pugs snoring as we talk!

We can work together via online video, phone, or face to face. Or you can simply read my blogs, download the courses, and stay in touch with my free Coaching Collective Group.

Investing in your personal development is the best investment you can make. 



I created Hera because I too needed to belong, to be supported and for a place to thrive without the fear of being judged.

Hera connects you with other like-minded women, empowering you, and helping you grow in confidence in a relaxed and informal setting.

Join Hera

  • For a powerful source of support and growth, click here to join.

Together we will embrace our passion and potential for the benefit not just of each other but the world.

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