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Letting Go - A Master Key to Happiness

An unusual short guide to Releasing Control

Hey babe,

Do you often find yourself trying to control every aspect of your life?

Do you feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the constant need to micromanage everything and everyone around you?

Well, it's time to take a step back and breathe. Trust me, loosening your grip on the reins can lead to a world of ease and happiness.

I get it; the desire to control things is natural. We all want to feel secure and confident about the future.

We lost trust somewhere along the way.

But here's the thing—life is unpredictable, and trying to control every outcome is like trying to hold onto sand; the harder you grasp, the more it slips through your fingers.

Take a deep breath and give yourself a break. You can handle anything that comes your way, so why not learn to go with the flow? Trust in yourself and have confidence that the universe has your back. You have already demonstrated your ability to handle every situation that has come your way, and even when things didn't go as planned, you're still standing.

So stand tall and embrace any challenge that comes your way, knowing that you have what it takes to overcome it with confidence and grace.

Now, let's start with some small, easy steps to help you let go of the need for control:

  • Nature Walk Forage: Walking in nature and gathering random items like leaves, rocks, or flowers can be a therapeutic and fulfilling experience. Today, I stumbled upon some stunning pampas grass I couldn't resist collecting. It's amazing how these natural treasures can bring so much joy. My home is a testament to my walks and the unique items I have collected along the way. Cafe Adventure: Step out of your comfort zone and try a new cafe. Instead of agonising over the healthiest option, order anything. Embrace the spontaneity! Earlier this week, I went to Wellington. I sat in random cafes and ate whatever I wanted, not what I thought I should have, and it was fun. Let Others Decide: Next time you're out with friends, ask them to choose where to go. Surrender control, go on, be wild! Read Without Spoilers: Pick up a new book or magazine and start from the first page. Resist the urge to flip to the end and savour the journey of discovery. Or, go to a movie you know very little about. Listen Without Fixing: When a loved one shares a problem, practice active listening without offering solutions. Sometimes, all they need is a supportive ear. Remember, it's not always necessary to be the one who has all the answers. So, before jumping in with advice, ask yourself if they actually requested your help. During my coaching sessions, I often struggle to hold back from dispensing advice I feel compelled to offer immediately.  Reminder Accessory: Pick an accessory, like a bracelet or ring, to remind you to resist rescuing people. Let it nudge you to step back and let others navigate their own challenges. Or go old school with a rubber band or handwritten note!

Remember, when we release the need for control, we create space for magic to happen. Life is full of surprises; sometimes, the best moments come when we least expect them.

You don't have to carry the world's weight on your shoulders.

It's okay to let go and begin to trust that everything will work out. It's vital to relearn how to trust. 

Embrace the power of uncertainty by taking a deep breath and letting go of your fears. Trust in yourself, others, and the universe, and relinquish old habits that hold you back.

Remember, the universe and I will always be there to guide you when you need it most.

I am here to empower you to let go of old habits that may be holding you back from experiencing the full joy and freedom that life has to offer. Together, we can work towards creating a more fulfilling and satisfying life for you.

( Or a pot of tea, and some snoring pugs )

Love, Love Caron

Email me today.

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