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About HERA

Discover more about what HERA has to offer you today!



Here are just some reasons why you should join us today:

  • You will feel welcomed, cared for, and valued regardless of background.

  • It’s not all about business; we believe in sharing life tools and building friendships.

  • We offer workshops, events, and social pow-wows for all women.

  • We are cheerleaders, nurturers, Mums, AND businesswomen.

  • HERA attracts dedicated women worldwide who know the power of a bonded network.

  • Engage in genuine connection, face-to-face and online.

  • You will know whom to go to for many life or business needs.

  • You won’t be around pushy salespeople or forced presentations.

  • You will have opportunities to market your business and receive exclusive deals, events, and promotions.

  • Enjoy local events and exclusive discounts.

  • We offer small events, knowing we want to create a relaxed and informal environment in this age.


HERA MEMBERSHIP is yours for a basic registration of $39! (For 2024)


Your registration fee symbolises the dedication and vital support for the continuous growth of empowering initiatives and essential administrative needs within our community.


Membership face-to-face & online Includes:

  • Business and Life Building | Pow Wows | Workshops

  • Members’ Deals, exclusive discounts and offers

  • Pop up shops

  • HER Talks

  • Collective Business Promotion

  • Social Events

  • Private Online Group

  • Public Facebook page

  • Access to a community of incredible women from around the world

  • Small and mighty get-togethers

  • Intimate Pow Wows with up to 8 members x 2 a month

  • $50 coaching voucher *terms apply

  • We encourage business promotion, not forcing business.

  • There is no contract or pressure.

At Hera, we know that deep connections grow from small, nurtured, and connected seeds.

Join Us

It's quick and easy to join. Click here to apply now.



A place to genuinely connect without competitive pressure, to inspire and be inspired, to experience personal and professional growth.


TogetHER we grow deep, caring, fun connections so that we can level up our personal and professional lives.

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