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Should I leave my marriage?

This is one of the most common questions I get.

Is it justified to end a relationship?

Deciding to be the one to end any relationship is a daunting task for most compassionate souls, never mind your marriage.

Throughout much of my marriage, I believed that I could effect change in my partner, only to witness a gradual erosion of my self-respect. Insidious anxiety took hold, and I repeatedly compromised my health, seeking solace in the temporary relief of large bags of crisps and wine and overgiving to my friends and clients. I also spent a fortune on courses, books, and study, which helped. But I felt lost and lonely and didn't like who I'd become.

Even now, I grapple with the lingering impulse to extend a helping hand, but I resist. I'm stronger these days.

If this resonates with you, it's possible you were raised by a parent or caregiver who pushed you away, setting a precedent of excessive demands and leaving you hungry for their approval.

Perhaps you were surrounded by a family marred by brokenness and mistreatment. They hadn't faced their own pain.

Your quest for love became intertwined with a misguided belief that sacrificing yourself for others would yield affection.

Yet, the reality seldom matches the expectation.

The compulsion to rescue, control, or assist endures for years and may manifest in subsequent relationships until you break free from the pattern.

If you find yourself in a challenging relationship, whether romantic or not, where your supportive efforts seem futile, it's crucial to question whether this is acceptable for your long-term well-being.

Do you truly want to be with someone who is unable or unwilling to reciprocate to meet your needs?

I understand the heart-wrenching pain accompanying such relationships and the immense courage it takes to break free, move on, and stay away.

However, I also know the liberation, self-respect, and empowerment from severing these ties.

You deserve and can achieve balanced, loving, trusting, and expansive relationships.

Take the bold and courageous steps to release anyone who drags you down, especially those you feel compelled to save. It's a destructive cycle.

I've been there too many times—in romantic and platonic partnerships.

No more.

Seek guidance and powerful support to tap into the inner strength required to walk away from disrespectful, disempowering relationships.

Feel free to email me anytime, even to say hi, and remember that you are never alone.

Let's embark on the journey of building powerful cycles in 2024 together.

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