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How to redirect your mind and feel inspired

Don’t Wallow in the Why

Even though it's important to understand why we do the things we do, asking “Why?” when we’re feeling low is us focusing on the darkness, in the dark.

This morning I was in the “Why?” thought space, and then I remembered to choose a different question, to redirect my mind, to ask my mind a better feeling question, and it worked.

It’s so tempting to stay with the cycle of wondering why we feel a certain way, why ‘People’ do or don’t do things the way we would like.

But it’s not a cycle to stay with for too long if what we really want is to move on.

Start a different cycle, ask a new question, redirect your mind, and change your energy.

You don’t have to live your life in a default setting.

Dare to make edits, dare to redirect your life.

Choose to start today.

Here are twenty easy “What?” questions to try on.

1. What emotion is coming up?

2. What is the obstacle?

3. What can I do?

4. What can I learn?

5. What are the opportunities here?

6. What can I let go of today?

7. What’s positive about this situation?

8. What if I took more care of myself, how would I feel?

9. What if I asked for help, rather than struggle by myself?

10. What have I already achieved that I’m proud of?

11. What do I have right now that I once dreamed of?

12. What is good about me today?

13. What’s one thing I will do today to feel great?

14. What food nourishes me?

15. What exercise feels freeing?

16. What is my favourite music?

17. What do I love about myself?

18. What will I do to celebrate today?

19. What will I give to another human to help them?

20. What would I love to study, grow, and create?

What questions help us understand ourselves and can help us make healthier decisions.

I would love to help you with this, or any other self-limiting patterns you are repeating. Feel free to email me, subscribe, or join my FREE COACHING GROUP –

What have you done for YOU lately?

I would love you to comment below and be a force for change.

Love Love Caron xoxo

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