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How to avoid the five most common regrets of the dying.

I'm not sure about you, but I enjoy learning from others. While it may sound bleak, there's something to be gained from seeking wisdom from those nearing the end of their lives, regardless of their age or circumstances.

I learned from Bronnie Ware, a best-selling author and palliative care nurse, the top 5 regrets of those near death. I feel empowered by the guidance that leads me towards a fulfilling and rewarding life.

These days, I'm practicing living in a "Regret-Free Zone." Yep, you heard it – no more "should've, could've, would've."

The world's opinion is like yesterday's news – totally irrelevant in the grand scheme.

So, cheers to being kind to ourselves, shaking off that judgment junk, and living life like we're the bosses of our own destinies.

My secret sauce? A dash of courage that set me free from those "what will they think" chains. Let's say I'm becoming free as a bird before my senior years roll around – and that's a victory dance I'm proud of.

Oh, and listen up – self-kindness is my new BFF. It's like the opposite of self-judgment, the root of all those pesky regrets.

So, babe, I have created a mini guide to help you do the same.

Thanks to Bronnie Ware for her valuable and life-changing work.

Click the pdf link, and it's yours for free. No need to send me your email or any contact details.

Avoid the most common regrets
Download PDF • 2.85MB

“Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien”

Love and no regrets, Caron

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