Night Garden - Guided Meditation

I first found meditation when I struggled to drive home from work at the end of a stressful day. Suffering with a high level of anxiety felt terrifying, my life was severely affected, was l losing my mind?

I knew I wasn’t breathing fully and thought I was physically ill, but on another level I also knew my mind was working overtime to keep me on red alert, I hated that part of myself and that only made things worse.

I bought loads of books about mind body and soul, they all had one thing in common, that our thoughts become our energy. At a low point when I was in the first year of a start-up business, I was unable to answer the phone, never mind leave the house to get help, so I called in a hypnotherapist.

Within 30 mins of forced relaxation, I felt a huge bolt of energy leave my chest…I felt lighter than I had in years. I felt free.

She guided me with soft music and words taking me into a relaxed state of mind. I struggled at first and slowly began to surrender to the tight grip on how I thought I should be living my life.

For me, meditation is a core practice in which I can return to my truth, to myself to my calm.