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The Thing About Great Sex

Here’s the thing with great sex, it requires intimacy, and here’s the thing with intimacy. We’re scared of it!

We’re afraid to commit, to be wide open, to let our guards down.

We worry about not being good enough, about what other’s think, about being weird, getting hurt, we wear masks, we act as if it’s all good we don’t need intimate sex. Or we have settled for a no to low sex drive, we had it once though.

I’m generalising here so hear me out.

We’re cultivating a never-ending and yet guarded search for connection, for purpose, for peace and joy, and in this rabbit hole, we lose a sense of being just who were created to be, a divine source of overflowing love. It’s futile to search for something if we are protecting our hearts, our freedom, our safe space because we are in effect closed to fully being.

I too am a seeker, I want to know how to live more in total love and truth, I get the struggle. I understand the conflict of practising being fully open and feeling uneasy, of trusting that. I’ve been hurt too.

But also, I’m upfront, mask off, less guarded and give fewer shits about what people may think of me.

This is a form of self-intimacy. This is a world with few walls and yes it can feel uncomfortable being vulnerable, but for me, it’s more uncomfortable being anything else.

The truth is real intimacy begins with you.

  • It starts with you having your own back.

  • With you taking good care of your mental and physical health.

  • With you loving you.

So regarding your sex life, I promise you once you become able to open up to who you are, to lean into becoming more conscious of your truth, your desires, your needs, you'll be able to ignite your own fire, never mind that of your lover.

When you learn to connect to yourself, to heal your past traumas, you’ll return to your true nature. A loveful, sensual being.

Building intimacy is about bringing the fire of your energy, passion, and desires into alignment with your heart, your spirit, and a sense of goodness in your life. When these forces come into balance and harmony, the sparks of interpersonal magic really start flying, and sex becomes something healing, empowering, transcendent, and profoundly beautiful.

I'm talking about the kind of lovemaking that feels SOOO connected, aligned, massively powerful, and filled with the utmost respect and devotion between you and your partner.

This kind of intimacy evokes your highest self and leaves you overflowing with love.

I’ve been working with women for the past year helping them lean into awakening their sensuality, it’s mind-blowing how much closer they feel to their divine feminine energy, not to mention their partner.

If you want to learn how to awaken your shakti energy to flow freely within your body, I can help.

Click here for more info

Your sensual life awaits

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