Updated: Feb 7

If you want to know love, to be love, or to be loved, you have to put in the time to understand yourself.

So many of us, me included feel an incredibly strong need to have a partner, to feel loved, to love another. It’s how we are wired, it’s a basic human need.

The thing that gets us in a mess is that we can become attracted to the idea of someone, to their highlight reel, to our deep desire to go through life with a loving partner by our sides.

And often in that pursuit, we haven’t done the work to know ourself first, to heal our pains and to love ourselves properly. We don’t even know what loving ourself means, we dismiss it as vanity or selfishness.

If you want to know love, you have to learn how to love yourself, to know who you are, and what drives you.

The longing to express love gets mixed up by expressing it to others first.

We’re great at self-deception, we seem to struggle to face our truth, and so we can end up living a life suppressing our heart's desire.