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Why you need to stop focusing on your 'weakness'.

Have you ever noticed that your mind automatically gets stuck focused on the negatives, on the worries, on what you should be...

It's ok, we're wired for staying alive. our mind creates a belief system based on survival and gets all busy trying its best to get us focused on what it believes is wrong, or could be a threat.

Have you ever noticed yourself squirming when you're asked to talk about your positive qualities, or even worse, your strengths?

I see this so much, and it's me too!

It's quite common for my clients to draw a blank when I ask them to tell me some things they like about themselves or are proud of, and I laugh telling them it's ok, they are a normal human.

Here are some of the reasons why we're rubbish at focusing on how fabulous we are, and why it's helpful to stop that silly habit and learn to focus on our magic.

  • We were taught to BE BETTER, that we need to DO BETTER, this has led most of us floating around life with a belief of 'I'm not good enough'.

  • We were forced to focus on our flaws...Mostly by well-meaning parents and teachers who believed they needed to point out where we were going wrong with an emphasis on looking, acting and becoming a certain type of human to fit into society and be a good girl or boy.

  • We learned to focus on our weaknesses, not our strengths, we believe that correcting weaknesses is the best way to grow stronger.

  • We get caught up in ego or status, again often as a result of our upbringing, and need to please.

  • We were taught to not show off or stand out.

  • We often bond over weaknesses, more than strengths, and this is vital for our survival brain.

It's uncomfortable blowing our own trumpets.

But..imagine if you started to focus on what's good about you, your life, the world?

What if you chose to work on your strengths, and honoured them?

What if in doing that you became much happier, less anxious, and more alive?

I challenge you for 7 days to tune into your strengths, your talents, your dreams, your unique humanness.

Focusing on your gold will help your mind feel safe, not scared.

Focusing on your strengths will help you feel happier, more alive, more unstoppable.

To start with, you will need to become mindful, I know it seems that word has lost its power it's used so much. Mindful, meaning be engaged on purpose, by choice.

To help, start your day with a new will need to set it up.

When you're in the first stages of waking up, look to the left or right, depending on which side of the bed you sleep. You'll have placed an object there as a prompt to start your new habit. You can choose anything, one client used a photo, another a big rock.

The point is you have something different there, that will already help you slow down the repetitive trance you've developed over your precious life.

Then you'll remember why you put the thing remind you to direct your mind on purpose to three things that you like, love or are proud of that's totally all you.

This may seem really silly simple, but I promise you it will start to carve a new habit and neural pathway that will help you form a new and more lovely belief.

Don't keep your untamed fear-based beliefs unchecked...start with this micro mind-changing habit, that's it.

Just this one small new habit will change your mind...literally, it will rewire your brain to feel happy focusing on your gold, and not your garbage.

I love personal development, and this means developing what's already there.

So, will you give it a go?

You deserve to be happy with your unique set of strengths.

I can help you learn new life-changing beliefs, and focus on your best self, you already have the magic, but maybe you never allowed yourself to shine a light on it?

Email me for more guidance.

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