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Why you might be struggling with your business in 2023

You are in your own way

You think it's hard

You think you're not good enough

You think you have had enough

Other people are struggling too

You are stuck trying to make it the same as before Covid

You are trying to 'fix' it all by yourself

You are holding on to the old model

You are looking outside of yourself for the answers

You are focused on worst-case scenarios

You are too attached to the outcome

You are too in your head

You are scared others won't like your latest ideas

You are tired, anxious, overwhelmed

Does any of this resonate with you?

I am working behind the scenes on relaunching my women's networking business after it grew too big and then Covid hit.

The last two years have been super crazy for me trying to connect lovely women face-to-face with consistency and meaning.

I thought deeply and for a while about closing it down. It was consuming my mind and heart, and it felt heavy.

How could I now connect lovely women with talks, sharing circles, education, and build life & business bonds?

We all love consistency, stability, and bonded community, but how can we do this in an inconsistent, unstable, withdrawn community?

And so, I addressed how I was getting in my own way. I let go of the need to be what we were.

I am opening to a new phase, an abundant, more intimate year of connecting lovely women who, like me, want to get out of their own way.

I'm excited; it feels light, supported, and divine.

So, how about you?

Do you need help to try to pull last year's baggage into 2023?

Write down what your mind is focused on that feels heavy, overwhelming, and hard.

Get it out of your head.

Then write out your highest vision for your business for 2023. Dare to envisage your true dream.

If you need a hand, I am here for you xx

Love Caron

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