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Can I manage my fear?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Our body and mind is supposed to feel fear, our job right now is to understand our response so that we can change it.

Stop trying to get rid of fear, start understanding your learned reactions.

We are all wired with an ancient stress response system, we need to cultivate self awareness to witness our learned reactions. What's your default response? Fight, Flight, or Freeze? Do you get angry, want to run away, or do you shut down?

Covo 19 will trigger you just as any other triggered primal threat. The human fear system will respond by activating protection. You may feel a deep need to protect your health, wealth, relationships and business. The first step to managing your fear is awareness, then acceptance, followed by action. You will be creating a fear loop, it's normal, it's pk.

Today take a break, sit down, take three or four breaths and quieten your mind so that you can hear the inner fear dialogue.

  • Feel the fear, the agitation, be ok in the uncomfortable, this takes courage, it's vulnerability, it's being brave.

  • Stay still and listen to what comes up, be patient, be OK with whatever.

  • Be the observer of the movie in your mind, recognise you are in the fear loop. You are becoming self aware. It's ok to be scared, it's a strength to be vulnerable.

  • Create a plan of action to move you passed the fear of the fear, commit to doing just one thing to move yourself into a space of okayness. It may be as simple as calling a friend, journalling, reading, playing music, having a coffee, writing...It may be working on a dream project. The easiest thing is to interrupt the fear loop with focusing on your breath, and then on something you love. Move your energy to a vibration of love, it will always move you out of the fear loop.

More on this to come.

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