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Know That You ARE Lovely

It's your one life, your sole avenue, your soul adventure, and maybe you are not being honest about what you want. This distorts the idea of who you are, and you end up believing that, so much that you can lose yourself. Maybe you weren't told that you can have whatever you want, and that you are loved just as you are, maybe you believe that?

One of the ways we get in our own way, is by putting on a front, a mask, a fake self to feel like we are ok.

The beautiful freedom and deeply connected relationships come when you take off your masks. 

Common masks:

  1. The "Happy" Mask: We slap on a smile, even when we're feeling like shit, just to avoid talking about it, or being seen as less than.

  2. The "Strong" Mask: We act tough as nails, even when we're crumbling inside because showing any hint of vulnerability feels like weakness.

  3. The "Perfect" Mask: We go all out to look like we've got it all together, even though behind closed doors, we're just as messy as everyone else.

  4. The "People-Pleaser" Mask: We bend over backwards to keep everyone else happy, even if it means sacrificing our own sanity in the process.

  5. The "Independent" Mask: We put on a front of being totally self-sufficient, even though sometimes we could really do with a helping hand.

  6. The "Tough" Mask: We bottle up our emotions and put on a brave face, even though inside we might be crumbling like a biscuit.

  7. The "Cool" Mask: We act aloof and detached, pretending like nothing ever fazes us, when really we're just as awkward and unsure as everyone else.

  8. The "Successful" Mask: We work our socks off to keep up appearances of success, even if it means we're running on empty behind the scenes.

We put on these masks because we're scared, don't we? Scared of being judged, rejected, or just not measuring up. It's like we're all in this giant performance, terrified of messing up our lines or getting booed off stage.

So, we play the roles and pop on the masks, hoping nobody sees the edges, trying to cover up the things we, and the messed-up standards of society, see as our flaws.

But here's the truth: we're all skilled at wearing masks, pretending to be someone we're not, when deep down, we're all just trying to figure it out.

And you know what? Being flawed isn't something to hide—it's what makes us beautiful, unique, interesting, and real, babe.

It's in those imperfections and scars that our stories are written, our character forged. So let's wear our flaws like badges of honour and show the world the real, unfiltered version of ourselves.

That's where the true beauty lies, babe.

Take one step today to notice what masks you wear.

Book a session with me, and I will help you become unmasked, and feel incredible in your own skin.

Love, love Caron xox

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