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Your self worth affects your net worth.

The reality is that our perception of ourselves, and how worthy we think we are, has a direct correlation with our net worth. In other words, net worth is affected by self-worth.

What's your money mindset, and how can you change it to become abundant in more areas of your life? Click the button to find out more about my favourite online programme.

Do you resonate with any of the following common human thinking or feeling patterns?​​

  • Feeling like you’ve lost your confidence

  • Doubting/blaming yourself or others

  • Low-level sensuality within yourself or your relationship

  • Not sure how to make impactful changes to your life or business

  • You feel stuck, in a relationship, job, unhealthy body or mind, financially

  • Worried that coaching will cost too much money, or be too hard

  • Starting out in a new business, relationship, home that feels overwhelming

  • Feeling too anxious, depressed, sad, uninspired, lonely

  • Busy all the time, but not really making fulfilling progress

  • Worried that you won’t be able to reach your best self, and  you know you’re here for more

  • No excitement about getting up early in the morning and seizing the day

  • You hate focusing on money or sex/intimacy

I totally get you and have learned how to remove all obstacles to my own happiness, I can help you too.

I’ve been on a personal development journey most of my life, I can’t remember when it started but I feel like I always knew there was more to life than living life on a ‘normal’ setting.
It was life coaching that saved me when I hit rock bottom, sitting on the floor unable to answer the phone, anxiety had me locked down.
And it was my own coaching practices that saved me again in 2019 when my 25-year old marriage collapsed and life as I knew it vanished overnight.
I have been a successful, professional coach in Nelson for 10 years, I am devoted to the path of love and truth, I have the experience, tools and ability to help anyone who wants to make impactful changes to their life.
We can get together for one to one coaching, retreats and now you can access my teachings in bite-sized chunks to work at your own pace in your own space.
Either way, I invite you to dive in now!

Choose to work with me in person or self-coach online.


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'I wish I had met Caron years ago, my life has changed beyond anything I could have  imagined, I love it.

Hannah Young
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