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Hi, I'm Caron

Do you want to feel love, have greater health, healthier wealth, more confidence and heaps more energy to be able to live your life feeling free from past baggage and living in fear?

Do you carry a heavy load? Live with a deeper knowing that you're not living your truth? 


I get you, I am you too and I have the tools and experience to hold your hand and help you move passed the blocks, I have the passion and experience of getting back up, over and over again.

  • You CAN create a kickass life.

  • You CAN make positive changes, transform and be your own hero.

  • You CAN let go of past pain and move through the storms with confidence.

You can join me for Life Coaching in New Zealand, Life Coaching in the UK, USA, Canada, in fact from most places around the world.


Get in the driving seat of your life today.

how I can help you

change your life

What I know for sure is that we aren't meant to do life or business alone, and the power of learning what's blocking you is lifechanging.

I am here to hold your hand, support you and help you learn what you need to do to live a life you love.  No, it's not quick and easy, it's a process, and it's gonna blow you away.

I have been working with teams and individuals for over 20 years, I can help you once you decide you want to do the work.

Check out my packages, dip your toe or dive  in.

Don't settle for a life or business you don't love.

Join me for one to one powerful coaching, group retreats, Zen Den , workshops

& Your T R I B E  Collective

 Get in the driving seat of your life today.

it's time to get some high vibes

The High Vibe Club is my online coaching group for people from around the world to gather and join forces to create everything you need to love, think and give back BIGGER.



“Working with Caron saved my marriage, my health and gave me a whole new lust for life!"

 Rachel/ Nurse/ Mother/Wife


Alfred  Street

Nelson, 7010

021 1457 162


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