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The One Deep Dive


A one-time session. A liberating experience worth exploring



How often have you thought you could discuss your concerns with a professional but hesitated because you did not need or want to start a course?

Now you can do a One-off session lasting 120 minutes (i.e. as many as two sessions together) to help you clear your thoughts without having to follow a specific number of sessions in a safe environment of trust, acceptance and confidentiality.


When we share our thoughts with people in our social environment, we tend to censor what we say because we fear being misrepresented or conveying our words to others. We often even pay attention to the tone of our voice or facial expressions so as not to reveal the actual intensity of our emotions.


What makes The One Deep Dive session a unique experience is that for the first time and with confidentiality and acceptance, you will be able to express yourself freely, as you have never done before.


The One Deep Dive session can be done in 3 ways:

  • Online video calling (Facetime)
  • Via phone
  • Face to face


It is a liberating experience, where you will leave feeling seen, heard, and with much more clarity and direction than before the session.


One thing that bugs me a lot is that most of us are terrible listeners, especially friends, colleagues, and family. 


I will not only listen but also help you express yourself even more.

The One Deep Dive

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