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Don't  label Anxiety

Using the term "anxiety" as a catch-all phrase can be counterproductive and hinder our overall well-being. It may contribute to increased physical, emotional, spiritual, and relationship distress.


For more than 25 years, I have used the word "anxiety" to describe my unease, but I now realise that this term is not helpful. 


I'm on a journey to debunk the myth of using "anxiety" as a blanket term and uncover the specific emotions that may be hidden underneath. 


Simply using the term "anxiety" may not accurately depict the range of emotions I'm experiencing; I've found that accurately labelling my feelings, rather than relying on the term "anxiety," can help alleviate my discomfort. 

You, too, can benefit from this by being mindful of your emotions and avoiding the overuse of the term "anxiety."


This way, you can disentangle yourself and recognise that not every difficult feeling is necessarily anxiety.


Click here to download this free fist steps guide.

I am here to guide you into a world of possibilities, and it's important to regulate your emotional system.


I hope this helps.


Love Caron xox





Removing the Anxiety Label

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