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Life Coach session

What's Included?


60 mins of one-to-one private coaching with Caron, face-to-face in person or over the phone/video call.


You will be amazed at how effective just one hour can be with a high-level coach.

Whether you want to focus on one particular area of your life, such as RELATIONSHIPS. MONEY. HEALTH, WELLNESS, or BUSINESS, you will be in a private space to start your journey into new powerful possibilities.


You can also use this session for a series of several sessions if a package isn't your thing.

Or, if it's been a while, and you are ready for a tune-up or up level.


Once you purchase this session, I will contact you to schedule our meeting.

Or you can email me and make an appointment before you buy.


Take a small but powerful step towards your happiest life.


Caron has been a professional coach for over a decade and has built five businesses of her own.


You are in safe, experienced, caring hands.




60 Mins Discovery Session

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