Protect Yourself from Toxic People

Protection from Toxic people

This is a super visualisation tool for activating a feeling of being powerfully protected from the dark or toxic energy of another person or situation.


Unfortunately there are toxic people or situations, and empathetic people can easily feel the anxiety coming from absorbing the dark energy.


Using this easy guide you will be able to create a sense of protection and also the release of any bad vibes you may be allowing into your space.


Practice this as often as you like, but remember just like brushing your teeth, we are healthier when we practice daily, even if we don’t feel like we need to.

Protect Yourself from Toxic People

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  • Downloadable PDF

    This is a quick and powerful Visualisation guide.

    • Print it out
    • Practice often
    • Change your emtional state
    • Feel Calm, Strong and Protected


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