Surrendering is Your Superpower

Surrendering to not having to know everything is a strength.

We go to crazy lengths to try to understand some people, especially the ones who have hurt us.

Surrender means realising that we don’t know and it’s ok. How can we truly know how anyone else feels or why they behave the way they do?

Oftentimes they don’t know themselves.

We can tune inside to the blissful peace of knowing that we don’t need to know and love that.

Surrendering isn’t easy, we feel the need to get answers, it’s in our nature.

But when the need feels toxic, we can choose to let it go, we can’t figure out the unfigureoutable. Let all that shit go.

We don’t give up on the situation or the person, we give up the notion that we are responsible and need to manage, or control it. We let go of the belief that we can make a reality different than what is. Once we've done our best, we CAN let go, surrender and with that feel enormous relief.

Why we think we need to fix, rescue, defend is just old primal wiring.

We used to live with the fear of being cast out of the tribe, and it feels like death to our ego's. We don't need to try to control everything and everyone, we can lean into the flow of surrendering to knowing, we did our best and we are enough. Become stronger by learning to let go of the outcome, we actually empower others by letting go. If we try to fix or control we don't give others the opportunity to grow. (That's another post)

What’s something you’re struggling with today that if you simply surrender too will help you feel better?

Start small, once you know you’ve done your best, let go of the outcome.


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