Panic Attacks Are Not Your Enemy

The strong sensations that go along with panic attacks are intense, I know that from personal experience. Some of the symptoms we experience are tension, heat, raised hear rate, needing to run, fight or hide, narrow vision, dry mouth, fear-full racing thoughts, agitation, fear of fainting...

It's as if our body goes through a physical workout whilst we're standing still.

The thing is, if you're like me and struggle with high level anxiety, you're likely to have more than your fair share of panic attacks. I feel for you, it's not easy to do regular things, like go to the shops, eat in a cafe, sit at the hairdressers, cinema, drive your car.

In this podcast, I will talk about re framing and learning that panic attacks are at source your protection mechanism, you can't fight it back if you want to let it go.

Fling me and email if you would like help with anxiety or panic attacks.

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