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Let go of the toxic people you love

The people who are meant to be in your life are the ones who stand by you with all your tears, fears, and dreams.

They are the cheerleaders, the lights, and the fierce protectors.

Healthy relationships don’t stonewall or gaslight you into thinking you’ve done something wrong.

Healthy relationships don't split up a family, even after a divorce.

Healthy relationships speak up, clear up any mess, and stay stable in the rough waters.

Healthy relationships don't hurt you, consciously, and on purpose.

So please don’t waste a moment more trying to understand what happened for you to be treated like that.

It’s passive abuse. It's not your fault.

Ignoring red flags because you want to see the good in everyone will kick you in the ass at some point.

Take care of yourself, babe, you don’t need to be around anyone who consciously does something that they know will hurt you.

Get off your cycle that keeps you in pain.

For relationship help, email me, I have my own journey and a ton of practices to help you.

You deserve to be loved.

You can do this 💋

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