Staying Safe isn't about Staying Stuck

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

When we first were told the news to go into lockdown in New Zealand I went through a weird little journey of YES, I love being home, to OMG I work for myself in face to face businesses, and I have just started a new life with my own mortgage.

Damn 2020, you were supposed to be a breeze!

My old lack money story kicked in, not able to have the boys home felt so wrong, and my rejection story came back up, I felt stuck and over sensitive.

Becoming unstuck:

I observed my old triggers and unhealed wounds. I turned to helping others and myself. Committing to being online live for my Tribe makes me get up each morning and get dressed as usual.

To show up for others, means I have to show up for myself first.


Here’s some of what I do:

  1. Offered a free morning meditation every day at 10am.

  2. Announced that I would work out how to gather my Tribe online and deliver added value and support

  3. Do my shopping for food online.

  4. Create a space for my partner to work in comfort from the home.

  5. Discuss with my partner how we can support each other and each others needs.

  6. Watch the COVO 19 updates only once a day online, stay off the news channel.

  7. Booked in time to Facetime with family.

  8. Refresh the home, garden, business. I love growing new succulents ;-).

  9. Walk around the block with the dogs, smile and say hello to other people.

  10. No alcohol in the week.

  11. Create highlight photo albums.

  12. Make yummy apple crumble.

  13. Talk to my neighbour John through the window.

  14. Work on creating new coaching tools and meditations.

  15. Hug the dogs.

  16. Remember this will pass.

  17. Embrace the strange changes.

  18. Eat red liquorice, I crave it?

  19. Do lists of gratitude for all that I already have.

  20. Watch funny movies.

What do you do?

This is a weird time, and also a wonderful opportunity to remember what truly matters.

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