Give attention, don't seek it.

How much do you talk to listen?

How much do you listen to talk?

I challenge you to give attention rather than seeking it.

The world is creaking under the noise, practice being a quiet space it will change your chemistry and be a beautiful presence for others.

Words matter, being heard matters but it's not a skill many people have. We are often in a hurry to fix, to help, to be heard too. Last night I watched The Last Shaman for the 3rd time and it reminded me that being seen and heard is LOVE, it's a wonderful way to healing.

Here's my challenge for you.

Observe yourself, do you listen fully? Or do you go straight on to talking about yourself? Do you try to fix?

Practice listening fully, look at the person who's speaking and pay attention, resist interrupting, resist sharing your own story, resist filling in the space. BE THE SAFE QUIET SPACE.

If you practice this you may notice how triggered you feel, how you too need someone to hear you fully. The thing is, everything starts with you, every change begins with you.

Be the presence, be the love and you will feel incredible.

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