Easing Your Beautiful Anxious Heart

Most of us are aware of the everyday things that cause excess anxiety, but here are some others that are just as common but often we carry on doing.

I hope this helps as a soothing step towards unlearning blocky habits.

I hope you can put down some of the heavy things you're carrying.

All changes begin with you, my darling, and I am here to guide you through the mud. Remember, beautiful things start in the darkest muddiest ditches.

Go through this list and check in with yourself.

All changes begin with you, learning what your unique recipes for anxiety are made up from, and then we can adjust.

Start now, my love; it's time for kick-ass inner peace where climbing mountains become fun!

As always, please connect with me and us to rise together.

Anxiety triggers

This means these things build even more sensitivity in your beautiful, emotional programming.

  1. Not standing up for yourself

  2. Drinking too much alcohol

  3. Eating shit food

  4. Forgetting to drink clean water as you rise, and then through your day

  5. Not moving all of you

  6. Not being still, all of you

  7. No time off, just because

  8. Caring too much about EVERYTHING

  9. Swallowing your anger

  10. Going to war with yourself (My favourite thing to remember that helps)

  11. Not saying I love you (to yourself)

  12. Rescuing or fixing other people as a default setting

  13. Mindless, empty distraction on repeat

  14. Weighing yourself every day

  15. Wearing so many masks, you forget who you are

  16. Being stubborn or fixed on an idea

  17. Not asking for help

  18. Keeping your tears at bay

  19. Being laser-focused on finding the solution rather than letting it be for now

  20. Not building new friendships or leaning on old ones

  21. Forgetting that you are a magical miracle, and you don't have to be anything other than yourself

If you haven't, here's a reminder to join my lovely private group for lots of FREE support, guidance, and a loving community.

Was this blog helpful? Please comment and let me know so that I can create more.

Share with a friend, print out, and stay golden, like the beautiful light you are.

Love love Caron xox

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