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Do you feel a call to be a part of something bigger?

Yes, we are all on our own unique journey, and I love that, and at the same time we love to help others and we love to have bonded connections with inspiring loveful others.

We love not feeling alone, and we love quiet time, we are messy creatures with diverse needs.

One thing that I love, even when I don’t feel like it is group connections.

We have a call to be a part of something bigger than our day to day repeating lives.

Group energy can be powerful, at a concert, wedding, exercise class, gathering, we can feel so connected as one, we remember the love we share, the divine force of aligned connection, it's powerful.

When I take a Retreat, Zen Den Class and Tribe, once we settle, quieten, and consciously connect without words, the feeling in the room is tangible…we can sense the positive shift in our collective energy.

Get yourself inspired to join a face-to-face group, it’s unnatural to not be in a tribe.

Yes, we’re scared of the virus, and yes showing up to an inspired group may help you strengthen your immune system, laugh more, learn new perspectives, and lead to positive life-changing relationships.

Sisterhoods are there for support, connection, guidance, sharing caring, and taking inspired action. Brotherhoods are similar in creating bonds, enjoying shared values, and working as a team.

And so, I invite you to look at your connections, your openness to make new ones, your hopes, and your fears of showing up for your dreams and vision.

There’s so much joy on the journey of life when you take inspired action to build new healthy relationships, including the one with yourself.

What type of community/group would you love to be connected to?

How can you show up for yourself and them?

What’s getting in your way, how many excuses can you make?

Living your purpose takes inspired action, new connections, courage, and you taking the lead in your life.

I invite you to be brave and know we need new others to be the new us.




Love Love Caron xo

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