Dare to become your highest self

If you have touched on high vibing love and happiness once you have the capacity to have that state more of the time. You have absolute access to feel abundant, but you block yourself believing a bunch of crap, believing you’re not good enough, or you are ok when your not.

I was lost in my head, in my pain, so busy chasing love, happiness, security, so busy serving others and awfully, debilitatingly anxious.

I also did do heaps of work on creating a new consciousness, I worked hard every day, but it was coming from a negative self-judgment of myself. It was coming from pain.

I started to notice myself undervaluing myself, thinking that I didn’t deserve true joy, calm, heart-expanding love.

I hated not being seen, heard and so for me valued, I became depleted, extreme anxiety sat on my chest and just didn’t want to leave.

I didn’t dare think about the possibility of receiving anything higher from someone that could fully see me or even see me as bigger than I see myself. But I was ok, I wanted to give to myself what I had given to others.

I had written my abundance programme and decided to go back to it myself and do the work again.

I began to heal my nervous system, purify old pain stories, to allow myself to let go of what was dragging me down.

October 31st 2020, I decided to turn my life around and face the future with a load of uncertainty but with self-faith, universal faith, the superconscious higher alignment I knew existed.

I’m now stepping into a transformational, expansive abundant realm, it feels like magic.

If I can make strong, bold changes, you can too.

Here’s a little list of some starting points for you.

If you want to feel superabundant, click here and grab the programme.


  • How much time do you spend mucking about online, or watching tv a day?

Let’s say 2 hrs, which is low. 2 hrs a day x 365 = 34 days and nights a year!!!

Can you half that to do something more beneficial for yourself, or the world?

  • How many times do you buy coffee, wine beer in a café a week, how much money do you invest there when you say you can’t afford other healthier choices, time off, quality time with your loved ones.

The financial cost of spending just $30 a week on coffee. muffins, wine is $1500 a year, I bet you spend more than that, double it if you have a little meal at the weekend.

  • Who do you connect with because you feel like you should, rather than you want to?

Make a note of who you have around you that does not inspire you, support you, encourage you and serve you equally.

Start to pull back from the low vibers, they aren’t interested in helping you expand.

Let go of spending time, money and energy on lack habits, draining people, let go of eating lack food, and stop buying stuff that will weigh you down financially in the long run.

It sounds counterintuitive I know but to become abundant you have to let go of a lot of stuff, to really take stock of what’s getting in your way.

You have so much more power to choose again from a higher level of understanding you deserve to live your life loveful and joyful. That’s abundance, that’s freedom.

I took stock and began to purge any food, people, habits that hurt my mind or body.

Just stop for one week and see how you feel.

I’m still doing it mid-March, and what’s showing up in my life more and more is a beautiful expansive connection to my highest self, this feels like I can breathe again like my life is becoming truly rich.

We get so messy when we have the choice to choose to stay stuck or dare to create an opening for our hearts call.

I would love to help you face to face or online, to help you feel seen, heard, loved and confident to become your most abundant self.

Click here and start the work

Or ping me an email and let’s get started together -

Change your vibration right now by taking action, you deserve every bit of love and happiness that is already here.


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