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Wanna feel like YOU ARE WORTH IT?

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Most of us have stories that we aren’t truly aware of that get in the way of us feeling worthy.

I used to live my life scared of spending money on myself, my business, but I could spend it on others.

Unfortunately, it’s common to learn warped stories of how hard we must work to earn money, that there’s not enough…We hear NOT ENOUGH so many times.

Not enough time, money, space, food, clothes, bedrooms, help, jobs...

We learn our stories very early on as a child and we act in a way that matches that because we believed most things our parents and teachers told us..we all believed in the fat guy in the red suit at some point, didn't we?

During a coaching session years ago, I had my own aha moment about decades of my own lack programming.

It was a jolt to hear my inner critic fear voice say, ‘I can’t afford, ‘I’m not good enough’ stories and call them out as I called out my clients limiting beliefs.

As I worked on clearing my own lack stories, I realised I believed I didn't deserve to have plenty of money, love, calm. I was in a bad habit of people pleaseing, believeing that was kind. I learned it was actually a fear based habit and it was blocking me.

I pulled out many negative beliefs, learned where they came from and the damaging impact they had had on my life. From my health, relationships, business, and my bank balance!

I worked on my MONEY STORY and how it was showing up in habits of putting my needs last, in not feeling good enough. Working on my money mindset was a game-changer, I had no idea how I was getting in my own way losing my confidence undervaluing myself.

I changed my own life; I can help you change yours!

· It’s time to learn your negative stories, patterns, and habits.

· It’s time to move into being an inspired, powerful co-creator of your life, and step into your truth.

· I will help you realise the potential already within YOU.

In March 2019 when my 25-year-old marriage came to an abrupt end, I was terrified, but I also knew because of the work I had been doing that I would handle it. Don’t get me wrong, I hit the bottom many times, took medication, practised radical self-love, but because I had already worked on a worthiness mindset, I knew I wouldn't stay down for long.

I now am financially invested in 2 properties and continue to travel, take even more time off and develop my businesses from a feeling of empowerment. Plus more important, I learned how to love and value myself!

I changed my own life; I can help you change yours!

I have created a wonderful self-study programme to help you feel positive and empowered.

this programme will help you make the money you desire so that you can live your life with less stress and more able to serve others powerfully.

Here are a few things you will discover -

· How to identify and change your negative money habits.

· How to expand your capacity to receive.

· How to master a healthy, I'm worth it mindset.

· How to Live with more joy and a feeling of self-respect.

Are you ready to break through limiting beliefs and step into the abundance you deserve and desire?

The cost of this life-changing programme is JUST $99 NZD

I invite you to take inspired action today.

Ask yourself if this one small inspired action could lead to your feel a cool confident, commitment to your happiest life.

Taking action now creates immediate momentum.

Are you ready to take a small step today to show yourself YOU ARE WORTH IT?

Focusing on abundance has had a dramatic effect on my mental and physical health, my coaching business, and continues to surprise me in magical ways.

Click this link to see more

Love love Caron xx

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