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5 Psychological Health Benefits of a Collective Network

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

My experience of running Your Tribe Collective from a networking perspective is that the real value in networking is not just in providing specific business or life opportunities but in the psychological benefits, it offers.

Our members tell us the best thing about it is the feeling of belonging, of sharing, caring, and of course as a result they have built bonded relationships who act as a sounding board, safety net, and cheerleaders.

I have been through so much since founding Your Tribe, including health issues, marriage separation, and divorce, both sons leaving home, one went to Iraq...

At Your Tribe, I have been able to share my experiences, fears and dreams and know there’s a mighty force of love around me from the member’s, many of whom now feel like family.

I have been inspired to create HERstory talk shows, do radio, buy my own house, and I continue to lean on Your Tribe, making my life and business easier, more fun, and loveful.

Together as a group we have raised $30k for local charities, helped create a funeral; a wedding, and so much more because we have built a deep bond where caring is sharing.

My mental health is so much stronger these days.

Enough about me…

Below I have listed some of the benefits that are good for you, good for others and good for the greater good of your mental health and well-being.

1. Ease stress and anxiety.

Whether you are in a networking group for life or business, you will have limitless responsibilities and tasks, which can translate to overwhelming anxiety and worry. But when surrounding yourself with lovely women in your network, you give yourself an opportunity to have a sounding board where you can exchange ideas, seek guidance to current challenges, or simply vent about how you're feeling.

At Your Tribe, we offer a space for our members to give a talk, these are so inspiring, gifting us all a different perspective, this eases our minds, hearts, and souls.

With that encouraging, inspiring, and emotional support, it helps you from lapsing into life-sucking fight-or-flight responses. Instead, you build yourself a Tribe of people that you can call on to help you stay calm and productive with a deep sense of relief that you're not alone.

2. Big fears feel less big.

Fear of failure and fear of missing out are two sucky issues we struggle with on a regular basis. Appropriate feedback, however, can combat both. The people in your network can point you in positive ways to areas you might not have considered, reducing your risks and, subsequently, sparking your confidence. They can offer encouragement when you're not sure, they can give you professional advice and help.

3. You feel like you belong to something cool.

From the evolutionary perspective, inclusion meant that the odds of survival were better, as groups offered both protection and everyday care that supported good health.

I love Your Tribe because we strive to make members feel that just by being invested and showing up to our events, and online. They have the instant ability to connect, get ahead, and dare to dream big.

When you surround yourself with other cool women from all over the world, meaning all kinds of cool, your basic instinctive response kicks in.

You start feeling as though you can validate your ventures, challenges, and ideas because of the experience of others who will support you.

Having access to this is a powerful boost in confidence and gives authority to speak or try out more adventurous ideas.

4. You can foster a broader perspective.

When you don't interact with anybody else, or when the number of people you communicate with in an average day is very limited, you can fall into a trap of developing a limited, even dull view of your life or business, which is a great path to feeling like crap.

Everything you believe and do is based on just a few experiences, locations or sets of data. But when your network is strong, others share gems of wisdom they've collected through their own journey.

5. And you’re always glad you came. (Sing it like the Cheers song)

Just like you never regret going to the gym, yoga or a walk in nature, you won’t regret going to a cool networking event. There is always something new to learn or someone to meet. Connecting with others can change your life.

You'll be in the right place at the right time for savvy career life and business moves.

Having a dependable network can take away a lot of the psychological stresses to success, letting you relax, be more confident, feel included and see the world in a bigger way.

Overall, meeting new people and making an effort to establish long-term relationships is advantageous no matter where you are in your life’s journey. I am all for digital practices to collaborate and network, however, the more you show up and support your local networking events, the more opportunities you have to help others, hence the more the universe will help and support you.

I know many women hate networking, and I did too.

But what I know now we have developed our own meaning is that we don’t turn networking into a masculine transaction.

We foster our approach to be about finding and building meaningful relationships with new friends, collaborators, and supporters.

That’s what networking at Your Tribe is: CONNECTING INSPIRING WOMEN for building, creating, and maintaining meaningful relationships.


  • You love building great relationships.

  • You love being of service to the people you know.

  • And you love being part of the process of making the world a more interconnected place.

  • Admit it. You love that stuff. And what’s more, it’s fun!!!!

  • And life is supposed to be fun. So why not take this attitude instead of I HATE NETWORKING!

So here is the tip: if you hate networking, it’s because you are coming at it the wrong way.

If you are inspired by this, I love that, and so I am offering you $100 off our annual membership, so come on...go for it!

Simply apply here

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