Your life is whatever you make it

make it high vibe

You can transcend everything you are.

you can make your life easier, you can release baggage.


I created The High Vibe Club in 2018 to gather a coaching community for people who are interested in learning how to live a lighter, brighter and uplifted life.

  • Enjoy short, impactful coaching videos

  • Expand your mind and heart by tapping into the higher you, it’s no fun living in the lows.

  • Enjoy time out.  You can join in at your own pace. You can access the exercises 24/7


Coaching is a powerful way to learn how you are blocking you. 

Join The High Vibe Club for a fraction of the financial and time cost of one to one coaching, or as extra support for your coaching. (It’s free when you buy a coaching package)


I’m practically giving it away because I'm driven by helping myself and others live a life they love.

You matter to me, you're worth it.


Join me – It’s a private space, it’s a global community.

I know about the shit we feel and think, I know how to move passed it, I know how to help you.

Imagine if you committed to you, every week for a year, what would you become?

Will you step up for yourself?


I am right here, you matter to me and you are worth it.


Click here and join today.


Alfred  Street

Nelson, 7010

021 1457 162

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