about me

i'm caron

My life has been amazing in many ways...


Some of the experiences terrifying and others spectacular. I have a lifetime of stories, which now serve to help as keys to helping other people break through their own challenges and step into a life they love.

I have been a coach for over 20 years in many different forms and I am the founder of Tribe and The High Vibe Club. I guess you could say, I’m obsessed with helping others as I follow my quest for answers on how to truly thrive and be of great service to humanity.

My life has not been a fairy tale, but here have been many 
happy endings among the horror stories. 



I have been through trauma, lost people I love, break ups, affairs, started up 3 successful businesses and blasted through my bodies challenges. I am a mother of 2 incredible boys, who now lead their own successful lives.

I have struggled with a vile panic attack disorder, which I now love and embrace as my super power. I have lived unaware of my limiting beliefs about myself, others the world and the constant worry about health & wealth. But deep down I had a strong sense that I was here for more.

I used to live with a feeling of not being good enough, seeking approval, undervaluing myself and was afraid to live the life that was meant for me. I was people pleaser.!

I too needed to be liked. (Loved)

I have had days when I wanted to walk away from my life and days when I was living in a heavy trance of unhappiness. Now I live in my truth, still learning how to be free and respect my own self, just as I am. I am awake to the limitless choices I have. I love my life and I am learning to love myself.

I urge you to step into living your vision, cleaning up your past and learning from your stories, your life and showing up as the most amazing you. 


If you can relate to any of my life then contact me now,
don’t lock away your happiness.


Alfred  Street

Nelson, 7010

021 1457 162


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